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How to Maximize Event & Conference Attendance with Conversational A.I

Chris Miljanovski

Using conversational A.I can increase attendance and help attendees keep up-to-date with event information 

Conferences and events are one of the most significant marketing spend for any company, and for them to be successful, you need attendees. Event planning can be daunting, so why not help your sales and marketing team by cutting out some of the leg work by using conversational A.I to complete tasks for them?

Planning a significant event or conference is a huge task. From maximizing attendance to managing attendee, customer support leading up to the event can be challenging to maintain if you don’t have the workforce. Hiring support staff can be costly and difficult to maintain. With Conversational A.I, however, information like reminders and follow-ups can be relayed to your attendees, so they are kept up-to-date with current information for your event. Earlier this year, Forbes explained how A.I is transforming event planning, and below, we describe how conversational A.I and VOIQ can help you and your team execute a successful event.  

What can conversational A.I do to help plan your event?

With conversational A.I, you will be able to complete several tasks that would typically be incredibly time-consuming. Tasks like data collection will be much faster to gather by using customized automation than if you had your human workforce working on it.

If you’re considering using conversational A.I to elevate and maximize your event experience, there are a few key things conversational A.I can help you do:

  • Automate lead follow-ups by email using A.I assistants like Conversica or phone calls with an AI VoiceBot platform like VOIQ to pre-book meetings at events or confirm attendance with 100% of new and past attendees. You can also use these tools to follow-up post-event.

  • Make follow-ups faster with potential attendees by scheduling a VOIQ VoiceBot call to do things like confirm attendance or remind them of their event schedule. Check out the short video below to see how simple it is!

  • Call attendees with A.I VoiceBots to give simple reminders of event details, on-site demo times, booth locations, and general operating times.

  • Collect data using data analytics tools to garner attendee insights on the event, and A.I VoiceBots can verify contact information or survey each attendee of the event.

  • Answer simple FAQs with chatbots 24/7 to attendees and vendors like when a specific speaker is scheduled to speak. This will allow live agents to deal with more complex issues and questions attendees may have.

  • Schedule VoiceBot calls to relay transportation options for how to get to/from the venue or even see if they need parking information to be sent to their phone.

  • Promptly automate notifications of schedule changes due to weather, venue changes or other circumstances.

Integrating VOIQ conversational A.I VoiceBots into your event planning is a great way to boost productivity and alleviate some of the work your team so they can focus on more significant challenges. 

Planning events isn’t just about creating a great experience in a fantastic space; it’s about ensuring your attendees have the best experience possible leading up to and during the event. VOIQ Conversational A.I can help get you there so your event will go off without a hitch.

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