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How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Outbound Sales With A Benchmark Campaign

Margarita Yepes

As call prospecting and lead qualification becomes more of a science and data-backed process, having a solid benchmark becomes key. It allows you to measure the effectiveness of your outbound sales efforts and account for what future campaigns should look like, what you will get in the form of new pipeline and determine how much revenue will come from that pipeline.

As part of building a scalable, prospecting call channel for our clients, the first campaign we run is a benchmark campaign. This benchmark campaign helps us assess the quality of their list of leads, our sales agents’ ability to connect with decision makers, and how well-structured and targeted the script is to maximize opportunities for meaningful conversations. 

It also helps us segment their leads into different groups and develop different call strategies depending on where they are in the buyer’s journey. Here’s how we do it:

First, we measure the following factors to give you a baseline of where your call prospecting strategy falls in terms of success.


Assess the quality of your lead list

 You need to ensure that every contact on your list has the possibility to become a solid prospect. Are we calling the right numbers? How well do they match your target or ideal customer profile?

You wouldn’t want to waste your sales team’s valuable time and money by following up and attempting to sell to prospects that aren't a good fit for your company.

Connect with the right decision maker

Now that you have a validated list of potential leads, you need to ensure that those you talk to have the authority and ability to make a decision about your offering.

Learn everything you can about their needs and pain points to know how to fulfill them. If you’re not the right solution, make sure you identify the reason why. With this information you’ll have the ability to re-define your target market, your competitors, and potential pushbacks.

Refine your campaign script

The entire idea behind a benchmark campaign is to discover what works and what doesn’t with your messaging. While it’s important to listen to your sales reps’ feedback, you should be capturing the call data with a sales call software and turn it into easy-to-manage, automated reports.  

Once you’ve tested and found out what generates conversions as well as the potential pitfalls with your script, you’ll be able to refine and adapt it to work around the objections and frequent questions you come across.

Then, we map out a strategy of call campaigns to show how leads will cycle into the VOIQ call pipeline, and how they will cycle out.

Demo Follow-up Call Campaign

If your benchmark campaign goal is to schedule demos, once it is complete you should be launching a follow-up campaign to remind your interested prospects of the meeting scheduled. This type of run-off campaign allows you to keep your communication open and active with your prospects to ensure a higher appointment to show rate.

We recommend our clients do at least 2 email/call follow-ups pre-meeting, and to keep the reminders interesting by sharing relevant material or value-adds that you anticipate to cover during the call.

Lead Nurture Call Campaign  

This campaign is for prospects from whom we captured contact data like their email address during the benchmark campaign.

While having an automated lead nurturing channel can help you reach large groups of prospects, a timely follow-up email or phone call is still the best way to convert leads into sales opportunities, especially when you’ve captured exactly what the prospect’s needs are and what information he/she is expecting to get from you.

Think about leveraging our CRM workflow integration where you can thread live prospecting calls into your existing marketing emails. You’ll be able to trigger specific emails based on the outcome of the call, identify if your content is attracting the right type of target, and use your prospect’s feedback to guide your next round of content creation.

Marketing Follow-up Campaign

One of the biggest value-adds of using a sales call software is being able to gather prospect intelligence in real-time, like competitor mentions or reasons why your prospects are not interested in your product/service, with each call made. How effectively your reps can address these objections will be critical in determining your win rate.

After completing your benchmark campaign, you can pass all these insights on to your marketing team to create detailed material for each inquiry or pushback  and distribute it to your sales reps so that they can use it to move customers further along the sales cycle.

To benchmark effectively, make sure to track your key performance indicators (KPIs) in one place, or better yet, do it in real-time through your client dashboard, where you’ll be able to see trends over time or from campaign to campaign.


Need help setting the right benchmark to measure your outbound sales success? Get in touch with one of our call campaign experts. 
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