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How to Uncover and Explore Client Needs Through Prospecting Calls

Hannah Lindstadt

How to Uncover and Explore Client Needs Through Discovery Calls

73% of buyers don’t feel that salespeople understand their company’s needs, according to the recently published report by Richardson on the selling challenges faced by over 400 sales reps and managers surveyed. The study found that many sales reps are finding it challenging to have value adding and insightful conversations with their potential customers, while at the same time uncovering their pain points and decision making process.
As outreach increasingly becomes more tech-focused and automated, how can your sales reps gather complete information about their prospects in order to build personalized sales experiences, and ultimately convert them to satisfied customers?

One solution is by threading Prospecting Calls into your current sales outreach. Prospecting calls are aimed at uncovering the information your sales reps need to know about their prospects, while at the same time generating genuine interest in your brand and "priming" your prospects for the sale, like you prime a wall before applying the final coats of paint. The exploratory nature of prospecting calls accomplishes these two goals by guiding your prospect to uncover valuable insight into their own problems through the exercise of answering your targeted questions, while simultaneously establishing your brand as an expert. The below list are examples of some of the best exploratory questions VOIQ’s on-demand sales agents use when making Prospecting calls.

  1. What is the problem you are looking to fix
  2. Why are you ready to do something about it now?
  3. What is your timeline to make this decision?
  4. Do you have a budget for the project yet?
  5. How does the decision process work with this sort of purchase?
  6. What have you done in the past to try and fix the problem?
  7. What other solutions are you evaluating now?
  8. Are there any reasons why you wouldn’t make a decision today?

After your prospects responds to each question, your sales reps have an opportunity to generate excitement for the potential solutions to those problems by sharing pertinent industry insights or use cases from your current customers. By getting on the phone, your sales reps can discover their customers needs, warm up their prospects for the next sales touch, generate brand interest, qualify, and progress them in the sales funnel.

If you are interested in learning more about how to improve your outbound sales strategy, keep reading with our insight-packed guide to sales development.

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