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How To Use an Outbound Call Force At Each Stage of the Funnel

Margarita Yepes

The sales funnel is designed to help you visualize where your prospects are in their buyer’s journey and predict sales goals based on the number of potential clients passing through each stage. At the Top of the Funnel (TOFU), your prospect has realized they may have a problem and are starting to research solutions. In the Middle of the Funnel (MOFU), they have clearly identified their problem but are considering other options or competitors. Once they have reached the Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU), the prospect has narrowed in on a solution.

VOIQ How To Use an Outbound Call Force At Each Stage of the Funnel

No matter what stage your prospects are in, there is an opportunity to engage them with specific content or guidance. If you have the internal bandwidth, you can make these calls with your own sales reps. If not, you can outsource these calls to on-demand call agents. At TOFU, you can verify a prospect’s interest, identify if they have a need for your product, or update information in your database. MOFU involves following up with warm leads: leads that have already submitted a form on your website or subscribed to your emails. During BOFU, you can make outbound calls to schedule demos, offer trial campaigns, and drive customer satisfaction.

So, how can you optimize your process to achieve better results? In this post, we’ll detail out best practices for using an outbound call force at each stage of the funnel.

TOFU - Opening doors

Once you’ve gathered leads, it’s time to qualify them. Qualifying a high volume of leads takes a whole team, which can be expensive — especially when you’re paying people full-time salaries to pound the phones and fire off a high volume of emails. You want to keep the top of the funnel full, but remember not to overlook cost-effectiveness and scalability when planning your call campaign.

An outbound call force can help you qualify leads at a much faster rate and lower cost. It allows your sales team to focus on selling to interested and qualified leads.

MOFU - Gauging commitment

The middle of the funnel is the point in the buyer’s journey where you can nurture leads into becoming legitimate opportunities. Follow up with warm leads on the phone to determine if they have the budget, decision making authority, a need, and a timeline.

You can leverage an outbound call force to reach out to hundreds of your prospects in minutes and get real-time feedback. This way, you’ll quickly and efficiently be able to identify whether or not a lead is an immediate opportunity, a later opportunity, or not an opportunity at all.  This also eliminates the need to hire large numbers of employees or experience the massive costs associated with a call center.

BOFU - Getting down to business

The bottom of the funnel is where you schedule demos, offer trial campaigns or promotions, and drive satisfaction with qualified prospects.

An outbound call force will help you cast a wider net (make more qualified outbound calls) and close more sales. Track key metrics and cite industry benchmarks to understand how your campaigns are performing and where improvement is needed. Once you’ve analyzed what’s working and what isn’t, you’ll be able to more effectively reach and delight your audience, not to mention grow your business.

These tips will help you optimize each stage of the sales funnel through an outbound call force. Automating your call campaigns will help you speak to more qualified prospects, quickly determine if they’re a good fit, and then sell them on your business with relevant offerings that will solidify their decision. 

Want more guidance on how to effectively qualify your leads? Check out our free guide!
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