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How to use Voice AI to boost your bottom line in 2020

Chris Miljanovski

We discuss how you can develop a Voice AI strategy for your sales organization 

We are at a turning point where Artificial Intelligence is starting to help modernize every facet of our lives. As AI technology improves, we are beginning to see how AI can make our personal and professional lives easier. According to Forbes, using AI to help sales and marketing teams to understand customer needs better and improve growth is a priority. From growing your audience, achieving all your goals, enhancing performance metrics, the use of AI, and in particular, Voice AI, can help improve your bottom line. 

Using Voicebots to improve sales challenges 

There are a lot of obstacles sales teams need to overcome when dealing with everyday challenges like a lack of or how to find a better use of data. If your business is having issues with a lack of data, or finding accurate data in CRM systems, VOIQ VoiceBots can help fill in the gaps. VoiceBots can be scheduled to communicate with prospects and customers to help qualify leads and gather data (check out our HubSpot integration) that will help alleviate the tedious work from your human workforce or lack of human resources if that's the issue. Finding real-time, accurate data with VoiceBots can help qualify your leads faster than any human counterpart would.

ROI you can expect from Voice AI

  • Customer upsells: Hospitality VoiceBots can harness historical data to target customers proactively. If the algorithm determines a guest stays at a hotel every first Tuesday through Thursday of the month but has yet to make a reservation for an upcoming month, a booking reminder can be automatically sent to the guest.
  • Rep productivity: According to HubSpot, 29% of salespeople spend an hour or more each day on data entry, and 17% of cite manual data entry as the most significant challenge using their existing CRM. Voice-enabled sales assistants eliminate manual data entry, freeing reps up to generate leads, research accounts, and of course, sell.

Using Voice AI can help reduce customer acquisition costs

VoiceBots can act as a lead qualifier or educational agents, providing helpful information, or asking pivotal questions to have leads understand your product. This will allow your sales team to allocate their resources better and could free up to 360,000 hours of your workforce's time. 

VoiceBots are also customizable so that you can create different campaigns for your various marketing efforts. You can personalize it by adding your lead's name and primary interest so that your customers can receive curated suggestions and information making their experience as personal as possible. 

Along with the benefits above, VoiceBots can also help decrease your customer service costs. As an example, VoiceBots can help customers with simple inquiries and support, which will alleviate some of the work from customer service agents.

Day-to-day practical Voice AI solutions

There are several ways Voice AI can help you and your team on the daily:

  • Having a Voice Dashboard, so when instead of having to pull out your device when commuting to work, Voice AI can let you know quickly the information you're seeking. Things such as an employee's current sales number or checking sales growth
  • Using a Voice AI meeting assistant to take down minutes in your meeting 
  • Using Voice Authentication instead of using several passwords you are required to remember for all your business and personal accounts 
  • Using VoiceBots to make tedious calls for you like collecting payments or reminding customers of dates or valuable information 

How to use Voice AI without losing the human touch

While using Voice AI is vital to any business growth, creating a balance between AI and humans is still essential. Using Voice AI for simple tasks like a reminder, or production information is excellent, but we as humans still strive for human interactions. AI cannot connect with us emotionally at this point, so finding a balance when using Voice AI technology is critical. For example, let's say your customer is interested in learning more about your product. A VoiceBot may be able to provide the basics requirements, such as scheduling a demo by automatically finding the best time availability from both parties. But, for the demo can be presented by a skilled rep capable of answering more complex questions, access to a real-life human is still essential for empathy and rapport. 

Business growth is crucial to any company, and with Voice AI and the tips above, we want to make sure you achieve your goals.

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