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Improving Your Sales Appointment Scheduling with AI VoiceBots

Chris Miljanovski

Here is how to stop wasting your time scheduling meetings 

As a sales professional, a vast amount of your time is spent going back and forth with prospective customers to land the deal. The amount of time you spend scheduling meetings via email or phone can be time confusing, and if it ends in a no show, all your efforts will have been wasted and have a direct impact on your conversion rates. 

If you don't follow industry best practices, it's highly probable that you will experience no-shows. According to an article on LinkedIn, no-show rates can reach as high as 40% for B2B sales calls with mid-funnel prospects. Lowering that rate involves persistence, dedication, and focus. 

As a sales professional, you weren't hired to make appointments, but rather make deals happen. Of course, managing time can be an issue if you have a lot on your plate, and the more time you spend managing your calendar, the less opportunity you'll have to sell. 

It can get exhausting doing all the work but reaping none of the benefits. Using tools like Calendly and are great places to start to help you schedule calls and meetings. They have easy to use interfaces for administrators and employees. Using these tools can help alleviate the back forth emails and save a lot of time. 

AI Voicebots are another way to get your scheduling done simpler and more efficiently. VOIQ AI Voicebots can be integrated right into your workflow. From Emails to website CTAs, to phone calls, Voicebots can take the reins and guide you through your entire workflow from top-of-funnel to bottom-of-funnel. 

Contacting Leads

VOIQ Voicebots can help your team reach out to leads and customers at scale through two-way natural phone conversations. They can be employed directly from your contact's profile or automatically triggered from a workflow.

Qualify, Schedule, Remind, Engage

Voicebots can completely automate your sales call duties by calling your leads and customers. They can remind them of any upcoming events or payments, schedule a demo, engage prospects minutes after downloading marketing content, and transfer hot leads to a live agent.


Delivering the right message at the right time is crucial, and because of that, we've created Voicebots are highly customizable. You can pick the voicer and language that best suits your audience, and use contact properties to personalize your calls and trigger new actions or tasks in workflows based on call outcomes. Every call transcript and recording are logged into your contacts feed if you need to revisit at any stage. 

Workflow Example

To outline what Voicebots can do in any given workflow here is an example of the steps for someone using VOIQ Voicebots would expect from top-of-funnel to bottom-of-funnel:

  • Start from Scratch: Voicebot contacts leads in your contact list
  • Schedule meeting 
  • Follow-up 

Following the steps above can drastically reduce the time you and your workforce spend on appointment scheduling prospects and with Voicebots, helping you make that sale is our goal.

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