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Inbound Can be Lonely: Here is Why Your Marketing Needs Content-Focused Outbound

Hannah Lindstadt

Inbound Can be Lonely: Here is Why Your Marketing Agency Needs Content-Focused Outbound

You've done the hard work; stocked up on snacks, made some wicked punch, brushed the crumbs off the couch and hung decorations. You’re all set for a fantastic party, all that’s left to do is open your front door and wait for interesting people to wander in and start to mingle!

Actually if the above describes your typical Friday night, you’re going to spend a lot of time eating family-sized snacks alone. Why? Your social networking is obviously missing a critical step: You forgot to get the word out. Since the shift towards inbound marketing, marketing agencies all too often over focus on content like ebooks, white papers, landing pages and blogs, but forget to invite the guests to their “Content Party.” Invite? Yes I am talking about outbound! “We do email!” I hear you shouting. And that’s great… but so does everyone else.

Why isn't email or social media enough?

In 2017 the average business email sends and receives 134 emails a day. With all that competition, standalone emails and social media content promotion simply aren’t powerful enough on their own to allow B2B companies to scale quickly and grow sales beyond what they can achieve with their inbound leads. So what is the alternative to sending emails into the abyss and passively relying on inbound content? The modern marketing agency must take a holistic inbound and outbound approach that seamlessly incorporates call and email campaigns into your already existing rock-solid inbound content plan (that of course is based on the buyer journey and persona marketing strategies).

We also love Inbound, but... 

Content-focused inbound marketing works because it takes into consideration how the modern buyer makes purchases. Buyers do their own research and explore alternatives because they are now expected to gather enough evidence to convince entire purchasing teams to make a decision. But what if your desired prospects don’t know you exist, don’t know there is a solution to their problem, or haven’t even identified they have a problem yet?

Without targeted call outreach, you’re essentially giving up control of your pipeline, and sitting back and hoping that your prospects will stumble onto your website or open an email.  Marketing agencies can’t afford to overlook the communication channel that allows marketers to go beyond the inbox, and open conversations that ultimately convert leads to customers. Dialogues with customers are still the most effective way to build trusting relationships and advance sales.

What's so different about this "new" outbound strategy?

This isn’t your grandmother’s outbound strategy. B2B calls are no longer a pushy last ditch effort to force a sale. Modern call campaigns are sophisticated, and layered into the existing content and email narratives, that reach out to your leads on the communication channel they actually use, and help your message stand out above the email noise. Automated call platforms allow marketers to scale personal 1-to1 inteactions and deepen engagement.

Automation allows marketers to program personalized calls to accompany content sharing emails, follow-up with leads who have downloaded a white paper, or whose interactions with the website show a high level of interest. Like email automation, call automation platforms capture rich customer data and insights in real-time, empowering your team to continuously optimize messaging and improve sales conversations. What’s more, active prospecting puts marketers back in the driver’s seat, and establishes a more predictable flow of quality leads and revenue.

Growth focused companies can’t sit back and wait for leads to stumble upon their content. To capture the big name accounts and quickly gain traction, companies need to get the word out. Your content, calls, and email should be viewed as three parts of a larger, homogeneous and consistent marketing and sale strategy, that offers helpful content through multiple communication channels and guides your prospects through their entire buyer’s journey.

You’ve mastered inbound, now it’s time to scale your clients’ growth (and your own) by adding the missing ingredient. Get in touch for more info on outbound call campaigns.Request a Demo

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