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[Infographic] The Intelligence Behind Sales Conversations That Convert

Margarita Yepes

Every sales call is an opportunity to uncover valuable information about your customer - what their pain points are, why they are interested in what you have to offer, and how they make decisions around purchasing. That being said, most companies don't capture the key insights from sales conversations and are unable to connect the dots when leads get burned or deals get closed.

When you add intelligence to sales calls,
you have better sales conversations that turn to sales.

Over 500,000 sales calls were ran through our VOIQ Sales Conversation Algorithm, teased apart and analyzed across hundreds of variables in order to understand what made a great sales call great, and what made a terrible sales call terrible. Once captured, the software then makes adjustments to the sales outreach strategy in order to optimize messaging and the chance of conversion in real-time. The tweaks made represent rich insights into how to best target your leads, based on their behaviors and profile, your product/service, industry and value proposition.

Check out the infographic below and see how these 6 variables influence the success of your next conversation.

Infographic_Sales_Conversations.png By leveraging the insights you gain through your sales conversations, you can shape your understanding of each buyer's pain points and challenges, and use them as focal points of your marketing campaigns, messages, content and sales interactions.


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VOIQ analyzed 500,000 B2B sales calls made on behalf of our clients using our sales conversation algorithm. Below are 6 key signals that can impact your conversion rate.

Sales Conversation Algorithm

  • Measures and scores calls over 100+ sales signals
  • Combines machine learning and transcription
  • Optimize messaging, rebuttals, cadence, segmentation in real-time

1. Tonality: Identify the best tone

  • Result: +13% boost in conversion rate when agents sound confident about the product, company and the value they offer.

2. Time Optimization: Identify the best time to call

  • Result: +27% higher chance of qualifying a lead based on when you call it.

3. Script: Assess phrasing of script based on ICP

  • Result: 32% conversion rate after the right keywords were applied into the script.

4. Decision Maker: Confirm the right decision maker

  • Result: +16% increase in opportunity rate when agents use the right decision maker’s title.
5. Psychographic Matching: Identify agent demographics that match best with leads
  • Results: 12, 3% higher survey completed rate in women vs. men (7,9%)
  • 10% win rate when agents and leads share the same location

6. Rebuttals: Identify push backs and generate effective rebuttals

  • Result: 36% conversion rate after the agents delivered the best rebuttal to the client's objection.

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