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Marketing Tip: How to deliver a message people actually want to read - A quick guide to captivating Copywriting.

Cindy Romero

Design, marketing, SEO, and sales are all essential pillars of digital marketing, but copy is the foundation of their success and their unity. Copy is the story you tell while the design is the way you say it, without the story, you have an aesthetically pleasing idea with nothing concrete to convey. Writing compelling copy that delivers your message enables you to engage readers, convert them into avid followers, and attract interest in what you have to say. We wanted to provide a short and simple guide that would give you an advantage when writing copy to boost your engagement.

  • Speak the language of your audience, and when hiring a copywriter, make sure they capture your brand's voice.
    What you say and how you say it it's essential, but also who you're saying it to. There's a substantial language variation between ages, gender, cultures, and interests. Make sure you know your readers and speak to them effectively.


  • Memorable email sign- off can increase your response rate.
    When saying goodbye, make sure you make it memorable. Whether it is an email newsletter, a blog post, or even a video, make sure your sign-off reminds the reader of who you are, so they think of you even when you're long gone.


  • Use humor to better connect with your audience
    Serious topics require serious tones, but the opposite doesn't have to be bland, mechanical, or boring. If the topic permits, it keeps it fun, interject humor with witty quotes, hyperbole, and even innocent comparison to our everyday challenges.



  • Tell a story that connects more deeply with your audience
    Don't just sell something, share why. Let your readers know what inspires you, what made you pursue your idea in spite of adversity and why their involvement matters. The more genuine you sound, the stronger the connection with your audience.


  • When it comes to copywriting, clarity trumps cleverness.
    It's simple. The less specific you are in your message in an attempt to be clever, the more confusing and uninterested your audience will be. Rarely does cleverness without clarity keep people interested, and sometimes brands trying to be clever end up offending a part of the population. Be careful! Make sure you tell your audience exactly what to expect in the first two or three sentences and try not to oversell with an elaborate copy.

    Copy of Authentic Italian Cuisne


  • Explain exactly what's in it for your subscribers (email – newsletter)
    The idea can be applied anywhere, but there should be particular consideration for email newsletters. Always have an objective for sending content, and when you send it, make sure it's easy to identify in the message.


Finally, remember that you can entice potential customers with nurture emails, just because they are not sale-ready now doesn't mean they won't be in the future. Continue to create captivating content, be concise and engaging; the success will follow.

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