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Marketing Tip: Optimizing Ads with Conversational AI

Tasha Sandoval

Why launch an ad campaign just to get clicks, when you can include automatic VoiceBot follow up in your strategy? Here’s how you can optimize your marketing campaigns with Conversational AI.

As you know, when it comes to marketing campaigns, there are a lot of options. Through Facebook ads, you can focus on brand awareness or on reaching a target demographic. You can also do the same through paid search while driving lead generation. But how can you get the most out of our digital marketing campaigns to increase ROI?


Facebook click-to-messenger 

Facebook click-to-messenger allows businesses to insert a chatbot CTA in any interactive display ad. Because Facebook Messenger is a messaging platform that most of the public is already familiar with, it is very user-friendly and is more likely to garner leads. Messaging apps can lead to higher user engagement compared to other kinds of mobile apps. One of the most efficient ways to use click-to-messenger is by adding a widget to your website, which takes users straight to your Facebook Messenger chatbot. 

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Google AdLingo

Google AdLingo conversational display ads are an excellent inbound marketing tool, seamlessly enabling brands to build customer engagement. The ads can display CTA messenger interfaces to get potential customers chatting from the onset of their exposure to your brand. By clicking on their terms, these possible leads can own their level of engagement and feel ownership over the process. 

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You can optimize your marketing campaign by integrating VOIQ into your display ads. A CTA display ad can prompt your lead to share their phone number and immediately receive a call from a VOIQ VoiceBot. The VoiceBot can gather relevant information and answer the lead’s most basic questions. VoiceBots are incredibly efficient ways to follow up with inbound leads-- if a customer clicks on your display ad, you can follow-up with a call. This call can help you with the process of lead qualification, allowing you to gather more information from the lead more efficiently. 

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Voice Assistants 

On-demand voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa, can also be beneficial for optimizing your outbound marketing efforts. Voice assistants can use voice response data to curate the selection of ads that they play. By having ads on different voice assistant platforms, you can make sure that your ads are targeting your exact customer profile. You can also include a CTA in these audio ads, prompting voice assistant users to respond by voice and let you know if they would like to receive more information about your product or service. 

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Alexa for business 

Amazon developed Alexa for Business in 2017, less than three years after the initial release of the original Alexa home voice assistant. With Alexa for business, you can optimize your advertising efforts by managing your marketing team more efficiently. Alexa for business can connect every facet of your office and business processes, like acting as a personal assistant to employees to help manage meetings. 

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Conversational AI is an excellent way to optimize any advertising strategy. By harnessing the power of voice or chat technology to immediately follow-up on inbounds, you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your ad budget. 

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