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Places Where You Can Implement Qualifying Calls

Chris Miljanovski

It's time Integrate voicebots into prospective customers journey! Here's how

Adding voicebots to your website may feel like a risk given it's a newer technology, but integrating A.I voicebots into your workflow to qualify calls isn't new. It may be the easiest way to qualify your leads without having to do the legwork yourself. Like Chatbots, which are widely used by brands, voicebots are changing the playing field and are helping sales and marketing teams by adding a clear CTA to drive users to a specific goal. 

voicebots allows sales and marketing professionals to qualify thousands of incoming leads and ensure quick lead response time, without adding to your workforce.

Forbes revealed that according to a survey done by Oracle, "48% of those surveyed said that they already use automation technology for these business functions, with 40% planning to implement some form of automated technology by 2020."

With all of this in mind, it's essential to understand where you can implement voicebots into your workflow, especially when it comes to helping you qualify calls. 

Voicebots during the buyer journey 

VOIQ voicebots can make relevant touchpoint calls so you keep your prospects engages throughout the buyer journey and increase the odds of lead conversion. These calls are vital to converting prospects, but can often get ignored, forgotten, and put on a low priority list in your sales development teams schedule. 

Website CTAs

As soon as your prospective costumer, reaches your website you can consider that a level of interest you can take advantage of. It's crucial to have a CTA on your site so clients can request to learn more about your product or service. While forms can be tedious and make prospective customers lose interest, adding a simple call to action to schedule a voicebot call can simplify your lead qualification. 

Email Marketing

When signing up to your newsletter or email marketing campaigns, your prospective lead is showing a higher level of curiosity.  Therefore, when preparing your email marketing campaign, you can leverage voicebots to do the ground work. Include a click feature to set up a voicebot call so the client can have a more personal experience learning about a product or service than words on a page. 


If a prospective lead is interacting with a chatbox it normally means they are intentionally looking to have more information, this is great news for you and an opportunity you can leverage. A chatbox can be a great lead-in to using a voicebot. If your chatbox is on your landing page, you can integrate the option of scheduling a voicebot call right into the chat so prospective customers can schedule a call for a more customized, personal experience, a voicebot can walk your prospective lead through a demo of your product, or a feature on your site. 

Voicebots as a measuring tool

Because sales teams are meeting prospective customers later in the process, this means potential customers are doing their own research. Voicebots can contact your databases to qualify leads, and if they require further information, transferring their call to an actual human or schedule appointments is easy. Voicebots can also be there to help provide insights into lead conversations by analyzing every call to optimize future calling.  

VOIQ voicebots can help qualify leads faster by helping your team measure the volume of leads and weed out any non-starters. This will allow your team to focus on what matters the most, which is the very human aspect of the buyer journey so that they can land the sale.

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