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6 Real-World VoiceBots Use Cases From Highest-growth Companies for Call Automation

Juliana Zuluaga

Conversational AI bots are now part of our daily life. Interacting with some type of bot is now mainstream for most, whether you’re using a voice assistant like Alexa or Siri, or engaging with chatbots in customer support conversations. Conversational AI bots are the latest solution businesses are introducing into their sales and marketing stack, allowing them to increase their reach and touch points with prospective customers by sorting and replying to simpler questions automatically as well as engaging in time sensitive conversations. This frees up the internal team’s time to focus on more demanding or strategic work that these bots cannot take care of.

In fact, a recent IDC study estimated that by 2022 “30% percent of enterprises will use interactive conversational speech technologies to power customer engagement across marketing, sales and service”. Introducing AI conversational bots to your high achieving teams is a great way to keep up with lead and customer demand without sacrificing quality conversations.

In this blog, we’ll share 6 real-world VoiceBot use cases of how some of the highest-growth companies are automating their calls with VOIQ VoiceBots to keep up with their lead and customer demand across various industries.

1. VOIQ for Real Estate: Using VoiceBots to schedule in-person meetings

If you work in Real Estate, you know how much of your time is spent trying to organize your meetings during the day. As you are trying to show one listing, you may get a call about another property and so on. Without help, you are quickly stretched too thin, and end up sacrificing a client, a property viewing, or worse - a listing.

Real estate agents are cloning their voice and using it as a  VOIQ Conversational VoiceBot to take care of scheduling in-person meetings. By integrating VOIQ directly into their calendar and customer database, AI VoiceBots call prospective clients to set up appointments, follow up on buyers and set up meetings to view available listings. As most of their time is spent on the road, there is little time to spare taking care of these repetitive, yet critical, calls.

2. VOIQ for Lead Generation: Using VoiceBots to update lead information and increase phone integrity

Updating contact information is key for every Lead Generation provider, and users of this service know how frustrating it is to have purchased an out-of-date list. Conversational AI VoiceBots aid lead generation providers by qualifying their contacts and verifying identity and phone integrity. You can target thousands of contacts at a time to ask: “Hi, is this Larry?” If the contact confirms, our VoiceBots thank them. If the contact is not Larry, it apologizes for dialing the wrong number. In just two minutes, you can improve phone integrity by 40% and update lead information at scale.

3. VOIQ for Education: Using VoiceBots to confirm and update the status of received applications and calls for immediate action.

Universities are leveraging our VoiceBots to handle their numerous phone tasks for applicants. As they receive thousands of applications every semester, it becomes challenging to answer every inquiry and update every change of status. Universities use Conversational VoiceBots to call prospective students confirming received documents and urging them to contact their assigned administrator if need be. They are not only able to keep in touch with every candidate, but also the number of unanswered support requests is highly reduced.

Every call is recorded in the universities CRM/database, highlighting the call outcome and subsequent action, such as a student getting an appointment with their administrator or a tuition payment. As the candidate moves through the application process, the VoiceBot notifies them and updates the status.

4. VOIQ for Sales/Marketing Teams: Using VoiceBots for top-of-the-funnel calls

Top players in Marketing and Sales make sure they are getting in touch with their leads when they are at their highest level of intent, and Salesforce is the leader. They have sales reps calling prospects within five minutes of opening an email, filling out a form or downloading marketing resources. They are able to reach their leads over the phone when it matters most. By leveraging VoiceBots to automate sales and marketing calls --by adding a trigger from an email drip campaign when a lead opens an email, downloads a piece of content, clicks on Facebook/Google ad-- your company will be able to compete with the Salesforces of the world, reaching all your prospects as and when they should be contacted.

5. VOIQ for Sales/Marketing Teams 2.0: Using VoiceBots to remind leads of upcoming product demos and increase show rates.

High no show rates affect most Sales teams, and they are definitely frustrating. Usually there is a 50% chance for a prospect to show up to a product demo. Sales reps can trigger VoiceBots to make their demo confirmation and reminder calls based on their schedule, reaching out to leads and confirming attendance 1 day, 1 hour, or up to 10 mins prior to the meeting. This way they ensure every prospect receives a follow up call and the meeting is rescheduled, if necessary, plus the likelihood they’ll show up bumps up to 85%.

VoiceBots work to augment your human Sales team, allowing reps to focus their time on creating more sales opportunities and closing deals to hit their quota.

6. VOIQ for Two-sided Marketplaces: Using VoiceBots to help update supplier databases.

It is imperative to keep an updated supplier database, yet in reality it isn’t always easy to keep in touch with all the providers, especially if your company offers a nation-wide or international service. Using VoiceBots, Two-sided Marketplaces can make sure their supplier info is accurate and up-to-date. Currently, one of the largest catering marketplaces in the United States uses Conversational VoiceBots to call and ask thousands of restaurants if they cater. With one click, they are able to reach thousands of their suppliers and keep their records up-to-date.

Conversational AI VoiceBots are helping businesses have more personalized, time sensitive conversations with every prospect and lead - a feat that only Enterprise companies were able to achieve with big sales and marketing teams. Automating repetitive, time-consuming calls gives your team more time to tackle more complex, high priority strategic tasks, while still ensuring your prospects and customers are engaged. Scaling shouldn’t mean you are sacrificing valuable time with your prospects and customers, and now with Conversational AI VoiceBots, it doesn’t have to.

Automating Sales, Marketing and Service calls helps high-growth companies keep in touch with all their prospects and leads, no matter how many.
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