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Infographic: Segmenting Your Sales Development

Jessica Taggart

I am sure we have all fantasized at length about hiring super intelligent octopi to multitask sales at 4xs the speed of our regular sales reps (8 arms, divided by a humans usual 2 = 4xs faster... simple math!). Unfortunately, fantasizing about super intelligent octopi is not a viable strategy for increasing sales rep productivity, so you really should put a bit of your usual fantasizing time towards checking out our infographic on segmenting sales.

Industries that segment their teams increase productivity and reduce mistakes, without adding any additional appendages to your sales reps! When you segment your sales teams, you’re helping your team do what they do best. But sometimes segmentation is easier said than done. If you’re having trouble segmenting your sales team, you may want to think about using a sales call platform, like VOIQ, for a smoother and optimized sales process.

We made the following infographic to visually break down the different tasks and functions of segmenting teams, and to highlight some benefits of using a sales call platform to specialize your teams.

 VOIQ-Infographic-Segmenting your sales development

When considering segmenting your sales team, there’s no need to worry about increasing your budget or your headcount. With a sales call platform like VOIQ, you can reap the benefits of segmentation at a fraction of the cost of hiering additional SDRs in-house. The platform takes care of prospecting and qualifying your leads so your team can focus on building relationships, leading demos and closing deals.

What are you waiting for? Request a free demo of VOIQ and prepare to completely change the way you do sales.

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