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Should You Outsource Your Call Campaign?

Jessica Taggart

Keeping up with your clients or prospects can be tough - missed calls, emails that go unanswered, and struggling to find 30 minutes for a meeting are common complaints. Even though communication throughout the sales process is key to success, it can be difficult to accomplish consistently. By outsourcing your call campaigns, you can have trained professionals handle time-consuming tasks at the prospecting or initial contact stages. Using a trained local callforce for introductions or lead qualification can help you establish a trusted connection with clients while simultaneously saving money.

On-demand agent outsourcing

Other benefits of outsourcing your call campaign efforts include:

Reduced Costs

The financial and time constraints of hiring and training employees to undertake a call campaign can be massive, especially for new or young companies. The required investments in facilities, equipment, operations, and staffing can be sizeable, not to mention the time lost during the process where you could be out making money. By outsourcing your call campaign, you’ll reduce your costs while upholding top-tier communication; you’ll save thousands of dollars in annual salaries when you pay transactionally or per hour.


Flexibility and Scalability

Like anything in the business world, call volume fluctuates throughout the year. The low points can be detrimental to companies that utilize their own employees to conduct call campaigns, as they are paying agents who sit idle. Through outsourcing, you have the ability to scale your workforce based upon your current needs. As the call volume moves through peaks and valleys, you can schedule staff on a per-need basis to create a more efficient and effective callforce. This also means that in times of call volume overflow, it is easy ramp up the force to handle the situation at hand.


Expert Management and Support Staff

Outsourcers compete to attract the most proficient managers and support staff possible to maintain high quality service. Outsourced agents are trained and add experience over several years to handle any situation they may be thrown in their direction. This builds them into well-rounded agents and drives them to develop the type of institutional knowledge and skills necessary for top-tier customer service. Some of these skillsets include call workforce planning, quality assurance, technology support, and training.


Quality Monitoring and Control

Answer time and first-time call resolution are the best indicators of callforce quality. Outsourced callforce companies have monitoring tools, performance assessments, and improvement plans in place to ensure key performance metrics (KPIs)s are met.


Access to Latest Technology

Outsourcers will research and invest in the best technologies for multichannel customer contact. These are software tools that offer features such as cloud-based platforms, VoIP, email, web chat, SMS text and social media monitoring. The latest in callforce technology is likely cost-prohibitive for in-house systems. Because outsourcers have multiple clients, they can spread out the cost of these platforms, saving you money on equipment and training time for new tech.


Lead Generation Activities

If you’re looking to use a callforce for lead generation, there are multiple ways they can help you here:

  • Verifying Contact Information: If you have a high volume of leads coming in and a problem getting quality contact information, you can outsource this function so your sales organization only works with verified contacts.
  • Qualifying Leads: Similarly, organizations with a high volume of leads don't have time to qualify all of them manually, and sometimes, your marketing team isn't sure how to go about it or isn’t able to through forms. On-demand callforce agents can easily call and confirm interest and qualify on your behalf.
  • Booking Appointments: There are plenty of services out there than can handle appointment books for your sales team, whether they're in-house or field sales reps. This saves them from the more tedious up-front work that takes time away from closing deals.

While outsourcing can be a scary thought for some, it is an extremely beneficial way to get more out of your call campaign. When you outsource to communication professionals, you’ll start to see your results skyrocket.

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