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Silicon Valley Founders put AI Voice Assistants in charge of Raising their Next Round

Jessica Taggart
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 26, 2021 If you are a Silicon Valley founder, there is a good chance you'll raise your next round through VOIQ's Voice Assistants. On the other hand, if you're a Silicon Valley investor, get ready to have your investment turned down by an AI.
While the debate rages on over 'how intelligent is AI?", Conversational AI Voice Assistants are already smart enough to be fundraising millions of dollars from Silicon Valley investors.

YCombinator-backed VOIQ is the first tech company in Silicon Valley to fully raise their round, from pitching to closing, through an AI Conversational Voice Assistant (you can visit their deck here from either a desktop computer or mobile phone).

VOIQ has raised over $5M from top Silicon Valley investors to bring the power of Conversational Voice to every business website, web app and mobile app on the planet, starting with Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform in the world. VOIQ is so confident in the software they've built, that among the suite of Voice Assistants they offer from Sales to Customer Service, they've deployed the world's first Fundraising Voice Assistant to raise the company's multi-million dollar pre-Series A round, and have made it available in a private beta to all YCombinator Alumni founders.

"As tech founders, most of us have experienced that perfect investor meeting where you knock it out of the park, your confidence is sky-high, you share the best version of your story and have the best answer for every question" explains Ricardo Garcia-Amaya, Founder and CEO of VOIQ and Founder of the YCombinator Alumni, the leading global group of 3,500+ founders with over $400B in exits. "What if you could guarantee that every future meeting you carry out has a 100% batting average? VOIQ AI Conversational Voice Assistants do it for fundraising - as they do for Sales - on the web at scale."

The Voice Assistant guides investors through the investment opportunity, amplifies the story beyond the slides and allows for a natural flow of conversation. It also qualifies investors. If the investor is not a fit, the fundraising bot respectfully turns them down.

If you want to be one of the first people to interact with this first-of-its-kind Fundraising Voice Assistant, you can do so here.

About VOIQ:

VOIQ is a YCombinator-backed SaaS company with $5M raised bringing AI Conversational Voice Assistants to every business website, web app and mobile app. Their human-like Voice Assistants have pro-active, natural voice conversations with prospects and customers.

For more information about VOIQ, visit their site and follow them on social media.

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