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The Anatomy of a Marketing & Sales-Specific VoiceBot

Cindy Romero

The architectural intelligence and functionality behind a Marketing and Sales- specific VoiceBot is built to perfection. It is the only one developed to provide the most effective way to drive ROI.

There are certain aspects of our lives that have become increasingly intertwined with voice technology and some others that need it more than we know. Even without inviting Alexa to our kitchen or Siri into our phones, we still, in one way or another, use voice technology to simplify a specific process or gather information. Have you not call your bank and answered to that human-like sounding voice that says, "Hi! What would you like to do today?". Just like Amazon Echo and Google Home, this voice you hear categorizing your needs before (and sometimes without) connecting you to a live representative is a popular form of commercial use for VoiceBots.

Commercial VoiceBots have reshaped the way we manage personal and home affairs. There is, however, an emerging Conversational A.I technology that will soon enough reshape how we optimize business proceedings, and that is Marketing & Sales- specific VoiceBot. 

Commercial VoiceBot vs. Marketing & Sales- Specific VoiceBot

Commercial VoiceBots have a very simplified and specific function to achieve their objectives. They use Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding to identify what guidance the user needs.


Marketing & Sales-specific VoiceBots have one more advantage. Similarly, these VoiceBots use Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to collect essential information from the conversation; however, there is an additional layer which is called Programmable Telecomm. 


This additional feature provides the opportunity for VoiceBots to take it one step further and gives them the ability to generate a call with all its complexities and develop a conversation with the end-user. Marketing & Sales-specific VoiceBots accomplish tasks by carrying conversations and gathering information with more accuracy than any human-made phone call.

The Advantages and Singularities of a Marketing & Sales- specific VoiceBot

There are essential features programmed in the architectural intelligence of a Marketing & Sales VoiceBot that are distinctive of their usability.

Mapping conversational flow 

Mapping a conversation simply means to dissect a conversation based on the initial objectives of the call, generally started by crucial questions concerning the service, followed by the different possible answers the end-user could provide. These Marketing-specific VoiceBots are programmed to follow the flow of conversation and trigger themselves depending on each answer; the conversation can be extended as long as it's needed to gather the necessary information.


The key to mapping a conversation is adding those two to three essential questions that will accurately collect the information needed to identify a potential lead. You can also map the automatic triggers (responses) the VoiceBot has when there is rejection in the answer, this is another great feature that's specific to Marketing & Sales VoiceBots, Commercial VoiceBots typically are not built to handle rejection.

Automatic Triggers

Marketing and Sales VoiceBots can trigger themselves based on specific actions taken by the user even before the phone call takes place. For example, a potential customer reaches a service landing page either from a digital Ad or organic searches; if they're interested in the product, they will submit their phone number. The action generates an automatic trigger sending a command to the VoiceBot, telling them to call the phone number provided.

Another Automatic Trigger is variations of ending the call, depending on how the business finds it necessary after reaching its objective. If it is, for example, to confirm or schedule a meeting or demo, the call ends once the date and time are confirmed, automatically synching the attained information with your calendar. However, it can also end by transferring the call to a live and skilled Sales Rep once the VoiceBot has conclusively established the caller as a Hot Lead. 


Marketing & Sales VoiceBots, like all artificial intelligence products, are built to execute what they're programmed to perfection; this is essential to drive ROI to any business.

VoiceBot's call placement is automatic, fast, and efficient. They can generate more calls than their human counterparts, and they have the capabilities to recognize different time zones and make the call when it's most likely to be answered. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 8.39.48 AM

Marketing VoiceBots are also capable of identifying a voicemail and understanding they are going to the end user's inbox and will not have a conversation with a human. In this case, they can leave a message according to the workflow created or hang up on the call.

Finally, Marketing VoiceBots can collect imperative data for the business. Platforms like VOIQ, currently the only company providing Marketing & Sales-specific VoiceBots, can obtain general information about the call such as how many calls were picked up, what time showed the best response rate or how many calls went to voicemail. It can also gather specific information within each call for example, how many people answered the question positively, how many scheduled a meeting, etc. These analytics are essential to optimize the process, identify leads, and even enhance advertising.

Businesses have been using commercial VoiceBots to optimize customer service and enhance the user experience. Now companies can use Marketing and Sales Voicebots to generate ROI successfully at a fraction of the cost and effort.

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