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The Death of the SDR

Margarita Yepes

VOIQ Death of SDR

The death of the average Sales Development Rep is quickly approaching because with all the great technology and companies harnessing the power of automation to build lists, send email and make calls, you simply won’t need SDRs doing these tasks. You’ll save money, resources and the SDRs who survive will see a renaissance of the art of selling. Here’s what’s threatening the relevance of the SDR and how to come out on top:

Build massive lead lists through outsourcing

It takes your company valuable time to hire and train SDRs, who spend about 34.5% of their day researching and building lists. Companies like LeadGenius, Datanyze and Dun&Bradstreet mix algorithms with actual people to generate smart prospects lists with accurate information and the data that you need to succeed for the fraction of the cost. Instead of having a team of SDRs, take the work to someone who will do it cheaper and better.

Automate your targeted emails straight from your CRM

The average sale takes 13 touches and an SDR spends 14.5% of their time on emails. Using your CRM or an email automation platform like Outreach or Mailchimp to write customizable emails and optimize the prospecting process is now a job that Marketing can do. Your marketing team can elaborate email templates and include them in an automated email sequence, eliminating the need for SDRs for emails.

Use a sales call force to prospect

44% of SDRs give up after one follow-up, which means they’re not closing sales. With VOIQ, your can write the perfect sales script and get qualified leads in much less time than it takes your SDRs to make those follow-up calls. Further, with our powerful CRM integration, your team can use our network on on-demand agents to easily automate sales prospecting calls straight from their CRM.

The role of SDR is dying and it’s for the best. New technologies and companies are taking over list building, emailing and calling, making these tasks more efficient and using highly talented specialists and algorithms. When you’ve implemented these time- and money-saving strategies, you can keep your top performers and use their talents to close more deals faster. The death of the SDR will bring to light a new era of sales where closing and nurturing are easy and all the hard work of list building, email and calling is left to the best talents in the world.

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