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The Evolution of Email Drip Campaigns: Automated Sales Qualification Calls!

Hannah Lindstadt

The Evolution of Automatd Email Campaigns: Threaded AI-Powered Calls!

With the average business email sending and receiving approx.134 emails a day in 2017, it’s evident that automated emails, sequences and workflows, have quickly risen to reign supreme in the sales worldAutomated email campaigns and analytics tracking platforms allow companies of all sizes to proactively contact prospects, gauge audience interest, collect contact data and insight, and get their message seen on a scale that was previously budgetarily inaccessible for all but top Fortune 500 companies. Unfortunately, email’s popularity has caused inboxes to become oversaturated, turning your outreach into “just another email” and reducing the visibility of your message.

Email outreach is undoubtedly still offering big bang for each buck, with the average dollar spent returning $44.25 in revenue. The high potential return means competitive companies can’t afford not to make email outreach a priority.  So how can you connect with your leads and nurture relationships with prospects and get noticed above all the noise? Allow me to introduce you to the concept of Automated Sales Qualification Calls. Automated sales calls are a powerful evolution of your current automated email marketing strategy, seamlessly integrating the call channel into your existing email workflows or sequences. You no longer need to rely on call tasks or reminders; live calls can now be easily scheduled to accompany many different scenarios your prospect will experience throughout the different stages of the buyer’s journey, such as when they download an ebook, receive or open an email, or when they could benefit from a follow-up call to keep your company top of mind.

The call channel has at times gotten a bad rap, with large portions of the general public associating all  calls with the invasive feeling of B2C telemarketing. The simple truth is, B2B calls are a totally different ball game. The stats indicate that businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads and a whopping 92% of all customer interactions still happen over the phone! Layering calls into existing email drip campaigns is a crucial next step for any growth-focused business looking to maximize their visibility. But, blindly adding follow-up call tasks to already busy sales reps schedules is not the only answer. To harness the full potential of automated email and call campaigns, and eliminate human bias, you should not just “add in calls”, but instead inject intelligence into your sales and marketing campaigns.

"Forward-thinking companies ready to layer automated sales calls into their current email outreach, will empower their sales teams by providing them better information, insight, generating brand awareness, and helping them start relationships off on the right foot."  Ricardo Garcia-Amaya - CEO, VOIQ 


At VOIQ we use our AI-powered call platform to develop the most advanced sales call algorithms, personalized for companies selling high-value products or services. Advanced machine learning automatically tracks and optimizes cadence, messaging, and 50 other vital metrics, to ensure you send the right message, with the right frequency, at the optimal time of day to maximize the probability of connecting with your prospects. Our dedicated team of sales agents doesn't replace your sales team, but instead, amplifies their effectiveness. Our team follows each of your prospects through their buyer’s journey, and know exactly when to make calls and what value to offer at each stage. Additionally all data is tracked in your CRM and easily accessible so your sales reps will be equipped with all the relevant information they need to nurture lasting relationships with happy customers.

Those who leverage personalized automation will be those that outperform the competition. VOIQ is here to help sophisticated companies stand out among the crowd, promote brand awareness, and fill sales funnels with qualified leads.


If you are ready to experience the power of automated sales calls and emails schedule a time to chat with our account managers and learn more.

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