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The Key To More Powerful Lead Generation

Margarita Yepes

VOIQ The Key To A More Powerful Lead GenerationNormally when one thinks about lead generation, inbound lead generation practices are the first that come to mind, like social proof and enticing content. While these are absolutely vital to a lead generation strategy, if your goal is to quickly grow your pipeline and generate sales beyond what can be achieved by passive inbound leads, an outbound lead generation strategy may be your best bet.

The key to a powerful lead generation process is using inbound lead generation practices in conjunction with proactive outbound lead generation practices. Read on to find out how to optimize both methods to generate sustainable growth.

First, ensure you optimize your inbound lead generation strategies.

Before you can fully optimize your lead generation practice, you’ll need to lay the foundation for success by making sure your website and all current and future content is essential, useful, and appreciated by your clients.

Filling your website and blog with helpful posts or articles and careful descriptions of your product or service will properly educate your website visitors. When visitors feel they can come to you for advice and you have useful answers, you’ll effectively increase your trust levels and reputation as a thought leader.

Social proof is also key for inbound lead generation. Word of mouth is the most popular (and most often used) form of marketing today. If a prospective client sees a positive comment on social media, hears a favorable story about you from a friend, or sees a positive review on a trusted third-party website, they’ll be more likely to purchase from you.

You can increase your social proof capabilities even further by showing testimonials or case studies on your website, optimizing your SEO to rank highly in searches, and providing incentives for customers to leave reviews or offer feedback.

Then, amplify it with proactive outbound strategies.

Even if you have an effective SEO strategy, a high performance website and your content is useful, nothing beats picking up the phone and interact in real-time with your prospects. If you focus on your target and have a clear framework, you’re more likely to deliver results sooner through outbound than inbound.

First, identify your potential clients and reach out to them with an email/call cadence to find out what they find interesting about your product, your company, or the information you put out there.

To ensure your outbound strategy is truly scaleable, you can automate the process by using an on-demand sales callforce to call thousands of your prospects, collect valuable data (emails, addresses), quickly qualify them and pass them on to your sales team to convert them into paying customers.   


Using both inbound and outbound lead generation strategies together is a surefire way to increase the number of leads and ultimately get more customers, the ultimate goal of lead generation.

Now what do you do with these leads once they come through your door? Check out our ebook below to learn the key steps to qualifying leads.

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