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The Perfect Discovery Call in 4 Simple Steps

Bianca Rico

The Discovery call — The first conversation you have with your prospect is crucial to starting a successful sales relationship off on the right foot. When a company perfects their discovery calls, they empower their sales professionals to focus on and understand their prospect’s needs and ensure the successful launch of each new business relationship. Having a personalized 1-to-1 conversation is still the best way to get the information you need from your prospects, as conducting discovery calls can help you determine your leads main problem areas to be addressed and gives you an opportunity to introduce your solution. The key to a successful discovery call is building rapport, generating trust, and helping potential customers make informed decisions.

In this post, we’ll explain how to conduct the perfect discovery call in 4 steps! Read on to better understand the importance of preparation, what it means to really listen, qualifying contacts, and how to maximizing your time on each call. Let’s dive in!

VOIQ The Perfect Discovery Call in 4 Simple Steps

1. Do your homework.

Preparation is key. Before you conduct your discovery call, review your lead data for relevant information that will allow you to build a connection with the lead. Checking their company website, community forums, and social media channels, and LinkedIn profiles for topics of personal interest to your lead or anything that might help jump start the conversation. 

Pro tip: Scour LinkedIn for potential connections, this can help build rapport and is quick proof of you doing your homework.

2. Listen.

Contacts will always prefer being listened to over being pitched to. Remember that real listening is not making assumptions or finishing people’s sentences for them; listening is an exercise in empathy. Focus on your prospect’s pain points and establish yourself as a valued resource that is available to help them make the right decision when they’re ready. Follow the 80/20 rule — meaning your prospect shouldn't do 80% of the talking while you do 20%.

Pro tip: Let your prospects do 80% of the talking. When you do most of the talking, you come off as a "typical sales person" giving a pitch, rather than a trusted advisor who puts your prospect’s needs first. Opt instead for a question- focused approach, and guide your lead towards discovering their own pain points and exploring solutions. 

3. Determine if the contact is a good fit.

Your discovery call shouldn't waste you or your contact’s time. This is your chance to determine how qualified your lead is, keeping your ideal customers in mind. How? Get the details. Your magic word here is: “Why?” For every statement your contact makes, ask three questions to expand on the topic.

Pro tip: Automate your lead qualification process. You can save serious time by automating this process with a call automation platform. Professional, on-demand call agents can contact and qualify your potential customers for you, and you can focus on closing deals with leads further down your sales funnel.

4. Get to the point. 

On your discovery call, cut to the chase by using language that’s straight to the point. You want to quickly communicate the purpose of the call and make a positive first impression. Quickly outline expectations and establish a timeline for moving forward. 

Pro tip: Ask direct questions like, “When are you looking to have these improvements in place?"

If you follow the above 4 key points, you're sure to discover the information you need in during each discovery call. Just remember to plan in advance how you’re going to approach each call, show your prospect that you care about their needs, ask qualifying questions, and don’t waste anyone’s time. 



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