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The Secret Benefits of Prospecting During The Holidays, And How You Can Take Full Advantage!

Hannah Lindstadt

The Secret Benefits of Prospecting During The Holidays

As a salesperson, prospecting can often feel like a monotonous game of random chance. As you dial each number, you can almost visualize the giant sack of marbles of your childhood probability math problems: five shiny red marbles (the five perfect contacts for your company) mixed in among hundreds of green marbles (prospects who are never going to become customers), and your hand repetitively plucking at random, one by one, waiting for luck to smile upon you.

Although the holidays should always be a moment to reflect and enjoy with family and friends, as a salesperson, it’s also important to recognize the unique prospecting opportunity that comes once a year. Holiday vacations, end of year quotas, and a general tendency for companies to slow down, means your big sack of marbles gets shaken up, and usually, the number of dreaded green marbles is reduced. What in the world am I talking about? Allow me to explain 3 reasons the often-overlooked holiday season isactually an incredible prospecting opportunity.


1. Reach The Decision Maker With Holiday Ease:

Alright let’s start with the explanation of my analogy. What exactly am I talking about with all these marbles and why are there less of them in December? The trick is, during the holidays, as vacation days abound, office staff is reduced. Those left behind are frequently those people so integral to the company that their ability to take their holiday is limited. Meaning when you call your leads during the holidays, instead of getting passed from assistant to voicemail, you have a higher probability of reaching your decision maker directly. Additionally as your decision maker has less people/projects to manage with a great deal of their staff out of the office, you might find the decision maker has a lot more time on their hands to take a call and consider your proposal.

2. Take Advantage Of The Holiday Mindset:

Tis the season to reach out to old prospects that have not yet turned into customers. The days surrounding the new year represent a unique moment of the year in which social cues stimulate hope for the coming year and focus is skewed heavily towards the future and setting goals. As a salesperson, you should harness the same “new year resolution” psychology that annually stimulates gym membership subscriptions and reduces cigarette sales. Your calls should be focused on how your company is going to help your prospect be the best version of themselves in the new year, and how you can help them reach their goals.


3. Check-In With Existing Customers, Reflect And Gain Referrals:

If you could use a few more leads in your contact lists (who couldn’t?), use the end of the year as a catalyst for “check-in” conversations with your current clients. Reflect on the success of your experience together during the year, and use the conversation to encourage them to build your referrals list and widen outreach. Remember that although your company may be doing an excellent job serving its customers, people most likely won't prioritize your business's growth unless prompted. No need for excessive modesty, remind them of the success from the year, be direct, and ask for referrals.  

Recognize that when companies change their normal routine, new opportunities open up. You can’t predict exactly how the holidays will affect each business you reach out to, but the bottom line is that each business will be affected in some way, reach out and be the salesperson on the line at the right moment to make the sale.


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