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The Top 5 KPI's A.I Voice Can Help You Identify

Chris Miljanovski

How conversational A.I can help your business improve metrics and gain customers 

As innovators, we always strive to make sure technology is being harnessed most productively. With the integration of A.I into day-to-day marketing and sales efforts, we are starting to see how much more efficient it is to use A.I as a tool to gain and retain clients and improve performance with KPIs.

Conversational A.I voicebots are one of those tools that can help you complete several tasks like engaging with future and current customers whenever you need, setting reminders, or answering simple questions.

We have identified our top 5 ways A.I Voice that can help improve your KPI performance.

1. Increase Engagement 

Every business needs engagement to succeed. Increasing engagement can be a tedious and time-consuming task, and you may not have the team to execute it. By using and scheduling voicebots within your marketing workflows, you can trigger follow-up calls anytime a lead interacts with your site, books a meeting, or downloads content. The more engagement you have, the more qualified leads you'll gather.

2. Drive More Sales

Because voicebots will take care of the straightforward sales and marketing calls, this will free up your team to focus on more important things, like developing relationships and closing deals with qualified leads. Taking the pressure off your team by allowing voicebots to do the legwork so they can focus on closing deals with customers can take a lot of the pressure off.

3. Conversions

When using voicebots for marketing and sales calls, you want to be simple and straightforward and include as little steps as possible. Once a potential customer indicates their interest, a voicebot can leverage that and take it from there to deliver custom messages advising of essential details, schedule demos or meetings to speak with someone from your team.

4. Measure Call Activity and Results

Measuring call activity is a crucial metric to focus on. With VOIQ, you can track the status of your voicebot marketing and sales calls along with the message delivered directly from your contacts profile. You can track the number of interactions per user, along with gauge interest by seeing which clients interacted the most that may lead to a sale. 

You can also measure the number of leads that answered positively to the voicebot conversation, if you have multiple campaigns with different messaging, measuring positive response can also help you understand what marketing efforts prove to have better results.

5. Retention Rates

You need to figure out what the life cycle is of each interaction. If you've set your voicebot up to provide updates or reminders daily, a faster retention rate is needed that doesn't exceed three days. If your voicebot is being used to help your customers place an order for products once you closed a deal, make sure the voicebot is engaging with your customer from the moment they order, to the moment it's received.

Using these 5 KPI's, AI Voice can help you identify what works for your business, from increasing engagement to gaining sales.

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