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Top 3 Tools for Lead Generation Marketing

Cindy Romero

When you want to turn a potential customer into a loyal customer, you need specific tools to nurture the relationship, build communication, and optimize engagement.

We've come up with a list of tools that will help you tackle every aspect of your Inbound Marketing lead generation. We kept it short and simple; these products do not compete in the same space, although they serve the same purpose so you and your team can use them simultaneously as you optimize your lead strategy.

Voice Communication


voiq-logo-blue copy

Let's start with VOIQs highly customizable voicebots for sales and marketing.  VOIQ is the only platform in the market, focusing on Marketing and Sales-Specific Conversational Artifical Intelligence. The digital platform removes the need for human-generated calls with features like drip campaigns, calendar synching, and call transferring. This technology is compatible with different CRM services, including integration with platforms such as Hubspot, making VOIQ easy to link to marketing campaigns, landing pages, and other potential inbound marketing activity. 

VOIQ is also compatible with client management booking and calls transferring systems, facilitating a commitment between a customer and a company's representatives. 

By generating calls faster than their human counterparts, and providing users with the convenience of outlining conversations in VOIQ's highly customizable conversational mapping system, the platform has become a leader in the market. Offering companies the opportunity to use their existing resources more efficiently, increase productivity, and convert leads faster, VQIQ is a great tool.

Email Marketing


Image result for mailchimp

 Yes, there are tons of email marketing tools out there, but nothing beats the usability of MailChimp. This platform is one of the most comprehensive email marketing tools out there. It's incredibly easy to use and provides you with audience data, marketing channels, and insights together so you can reach your goals faster. You can create campaigns within minutes, get email tracking, view success, generate reports, amongst other features. It also has a free option (up to 12K emails to 2K subscribers monthly). One of MailChimp's essential product features is automation, releasing email campaigns at scheduled times while reaching your objectives.

Chat Communication


Image result for mobilemonkey

One of the best platforms out there is MobileMonkey, which allows its non-technical users to build chatbot behavior on their platform.

While MobileMonkey is easy to use, it also has features that can make sophisticated and more complex behavior. For example, it can store the user's response to a question in a variable to be reused later in your bot's replies.

You can build chatbots on MobileMonkey for Facebook Messenger and use lead generation tools such as chat blasts, or even broadcast messages. Similarly to VOIQ, this platform also allows users to create drip campaigns and build your list to enhance your digital marketing efforts. Humans have the opportunity to enter the conversation at any time and even make a list of best responses based on the data they receive. This service is free for unlimited contacts but has limited features. Different packages are available according to your needs.

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