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Our Top 5 Tips for Conquering Cold Calls (for B2B Sales)

Jessica Taggart

I’m not going to beat around the bush - cold calls are intimidating. You do your psych up dance, review your call notes and research, and pick up the phone. But how will the lead react? Will they ask you questions you don’t know the answer to? Will they hang up? Try to dodge your questions?

At VOIQ, cold calls - carried out by Conversational AI VoiceBots- are our bread-and-butter. We’d love nothing more for you to let our human-sounding Bots make those cold calls for you - but if you insist on doing them on your own - here are 5 of our insider tips to crush it at cold calling.

1. Do I need to use a script? YES

The short answer is YES. Scripts help you be more prepared, and feel more prepared. Fake confidence until you make it. Plus, a script helps you not weasel out of asking certain questions, and helps you keep the conversation flowing.

VOIQ has an inventory of expert script templates built into our software for you to leverage that have been tested on 1M+ sales calls.

2. Prep for the Pushback

Inevitably, leads are going to have questions. How much does it cost? Do you integrate with HubSpot? What if I want to have a joint account with my cat? Have answers to the most common questions that pop up, and don’t forget the rebuttals. The ¨it’s too expensive¨ or ¨we already do this in-house¨ are just conversation starters. Use them as a jumping off point to dig deeper with the lead re: their budget and their current in-house process.

At VOIQ, we build the most common questions and pushbacks straight into our call app so that our VoiceBots are trained for any scenario.

3. Get around the ¨send me more info¨

¨Can you send me more information in an email?¨ is a pretty great tactic for getting off the phone, and quick. However, as ¨the customer is always right¨, so is the lead. With an emphatic ¨Yes, great idea, why don’t I send over some more information to you¨, make sure you have their current email address. Next, MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, ask them this: ¨Now, to make sure I send you the most relevant material, are you more interested in X or in Y?¨ This will re-open the conversation: at the very least, you have one more data point that helps you understand that lead. If you can, keep continuing with your line of questioning until the lead really needs to jump off the phone.

4. Don’t pitch too early

This is a COLD call. Meaning, the lead doesn’t know who you are, and frankly, doesn’t care. You have to show some value right off the bat or else they’ll lose interest. Find a piece of information that will intrigue them. What should you absolutely not do? Pitch right out of the gate. Build some trust, create some value, and then begin inserting your product/service into the conversation.

5. Measure, measure, measure

You can make cold calls all day. Heck, you should. But if you aren’t measuring any data, and just giving yourself a big pat on the back for getting those 20 calls crossed off your list of to-do’s, you aren’t doing it right. You need to be measuring these key metrics in order to figure out if you have the right approach, or at least a good approach, and if these calls are actually leading to opportunities and deals.

With VOIQ you can track the status of your VoiceBot sales calls, the message delivered and the call recording directly from your CRM in your contact's profile.Without data, you’re spinning your wheels. Make sure you start extracting and measuring your call data, asap.

Whether you choose to find outsourced human Sales Reps, or leverage AI VoiceBots to automate your time-consuming sales, marketing and customer support call tasks, while capturing all call data in a Dashboard, or make calls on your own, make sure that you put some structure into it early on - it will save you years in the long run!

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