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Our Top Sales Prospecting Automation Tools For Each Prospecting Task

Margarita Yepes

VOIQ Sales Prospecting Automation Tools

Prospecting is the art of finding and building new customer relationships, and nurturing and guiding them through your sales funnel. It requires investing in the right practices and technology that fit you and your market.  

But sales is a long game... it’s not about making one phone call or sending an email and hoping it’ll be enough. You need to be consistent, tap into all relevant channels to your audience, test which one is getting you the best results and stick to it. 

Even the most forward thinking business strategists can feel lost in a sea of endless sales prospecting tools. The best tool for you will depend on your budget, the size of your list, whether you require marketing automation, which integrations you require, and much more. For now, I’ve compiled some of our favorites here at VOIQ across the different stages in the prospecting process: 

  • Demand generation software allows you to identify and connect with your best customers. It provides accurate contact information and compiles reliable company, social and technology insights. You can build data-driven, verified lead lists, that you can easily export and import into your CRM. Our favorites: LeadGenius, Datanyze and CrunchBase (for growing companies and startups!)

  • Social selling tools is all about leveraging your social network to find the right prospects. They allow you to find decision makers and engage with them based on their activities. You can create and save highly targeted lead lists to reach out with personalized messages. They keep you informed and up-to-date on your prospects' company news, shared content, etc. Our number one: LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

  • Email marketing platforms give you the ability to send 1-on-1 emails and create marketing automation sequences that are sent out to people on your list when certain conditions are met, or based on their behaviour on your website. You can easily track when an email has been opened, replied to, if the recipient clicked on any link or downloaded something within it, which can then be used to direct your sales and marketing focus. Our top platforms: Outreach.io and HubSpot
  • Our favorite sales calls automation tool is VOIQ :) The phone is the only channel that allows you to have a 2-way, live conversation with your prospects, and capture customer insight in real-time. VOIQ’s call automation software gives sales (and for the first time, marketers!) the ability to trigger phone calls in a timely manner based on a prospect’s behavior on your website, or with your content, increasing the chance of connecting with your leads. 

    You don’t have to wait for a salesperson to pick up the phone and call leads, but instead they can get qualified appointments right on their calendar. And since VOIQ is not a dialer, you get on-demand, trained sales reps making the calls for you, powered by an AI software that measure the success of calls to automatically improve your script, timing, cadence, etc.
  • Finding a mutual time for you and your prospect to meet is one of the biggest roadblocks in appointment setting. Your prospects get hundreds if not thousands of emails a day, so when they finally open your email, you need to make it extremly easy for your prospect to agree and set up a time to meet you.

    Scheduling tools allow you to populate your email with several timeslots that you are available so your prospect can select the best time with just one click, or you can share your a link via email, or allow your prospects to schedule directly from your website by embedding your scheduling page. Our top tools: Assistant.to and Calendly

All the above sales prospecting automation tools target different stages across the sales process: finding leads, sending emails, executing sales calls, setting up appointments, etc. And thanks to APIs you can find all of your favorite tools directly in your CRM, including VOIQ.


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