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Connect Your “Contact us” Button With Instant Follow-up Sales Calls And Stop Losing Conversions

Posted by Margarita Yepes on Sep 20, 2017 7:27:15 AM

5 Ways Sales Prospecting Calls Amplify your Account Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy

Posted by Margarita Yepes on May 24, 2017 8:24:52 AM

Recent advancements in tech integrations, marketing automation, and data analytics have prompted a renewed interested in Account-Based Marketing (ABM). According to SiriusDecisions’ 2016 State of Account-Based Marketingstudy, 87% of B2B companies say ABM is “extremely” or “very” important to their overall marketing efforts.

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3 Key Segmentation Strategies to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Margarita Yepes on Apr 6, 2017 10:40:55 AM

I’ve heard it before…”Yes, we do have an email marketing strategy.” After spending hundreds of hours reviewing our customers’ current Sales and Marketing stacks, we’ve learned that a lot of them still think of email as only a sales channel (to sell their product), and not as a way of building one-to-one relationships.

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6 Steps To Threading Prospecting Calls Across Your Outreach Marketing [Infographic]

Posted by Margarita Yepes on Apr 3, 2017 12:37:27 PM

An effective content strategy needs targeted outbound to draw in potential clients and proactively go after big accounts.

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How to Design a Content Marketing Strategy to Connect and Convert Leads

Posted by Margarita Yepes on Mar 30, 2017 9:56:17 AM

Content marketing no longer needs much defending. Since the early 2000’s, modern content marketing strategies have been demonstrating impressive ROI. With costs at 62% less than traditional marketing while generating 3 times as many leads

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