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VOIQ Integrates With Outreach - What This Means for Your Sales Organization

Cindy Romero

VOIQ is now integrated with Outreach, the top lead sales engagement platform. Read more about this integration and how to add it to your sales stream below.

Seamless integration with major SaaS platforms focusing on sales, marketing, and customer support is one of the many useful features offered by VOIQ.

VOIQ enables sales, marketing, and customer support teams to leverage the power of VoiceBots to connect with their prospects and customers through voice calls. VOIQ the only platform where you can implement your inbound support and sales calls as well as your outbound sales calls. Utilizing the only platform with AI VoiceBots capable of natural conversations with your prospects over the phone is a significant competitive advantage for any sales team looking to harness the power of automation and AI.

By integrating automated calls into your Outreach sequences, you allow AI VoiceBots to help you make follow up calls, qualify leads, confirm event attendance, schedule demos, and provide them with any necessary information. VoiceBots keep your leads engaged throughout the buyer’s journey and your customers delighted during their lifecycle.

3 Things you can do with your Outreach integration:

  1. Integrate with marketing campaigns or landing pages
  2. Setup lead qualification call campaigns
  3. Turn data into actionable insights to optimize your strategies

View, download, and share call activity reports from your campaign's dashboard. The dashboard includes every conversation recording, answers to each question in your script, scheduled meetings, transferred calls, and any problems with your contact list.

VOIQ's integration with Outreach helps collect key data that would provide insights for optimization. From general Campaign performance to location-dependent data, you track all call log records from your Outreach Dashboard.

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 7.09.38 PM (1)


You can also view specific calls for additional information on, for example, the results of the call, transcripts of the call, and even recordings of the conversation between your lead and the VoiceBot.

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 10.34.00 AM

There are over six features that you can leverage from your Outreach account. Click Here for more details.

There are a plethora of obstacles sales teams need to overcome while dealing with everyday challenges(e.g. a lack of actionable data or how to effectively data). If your business lacks actionable  data, VOIQ VoiceBots can help fill in the gaps. e Using VoiceBots to communicate with prospects and customers to qualify leads and gather data will minimize time spent on tedious work taken on by your human workforce. Finding real-time, accurate data with VoiceBots can help qualify your leads faster than any human counterpart could.  Following your pre-qualification process, VoiceBots can also transfer leads to the right sales agent and schedule meetings and demos on your behalf. 

VoiceBots can act as lead qualifiers or educational agents, providing helpful information, or asking pivotal questions to help leads understand your product. This will allow your sales team to more effectively allocate their resources better and could free up to 360,000 hours of your workforce's time if you're a mid-large size business.

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