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Ways Marketers are using AI VoiceBots to increase lead generation

Tasha Sandoval

AI VoiceBots, the next frontier in conversational AI technology, are helping marketers increase their lead generation efforts. 

One of the top priorities companies have when it comes to marketing and sales is building a productive pipeline with high-quality leads. AI Technologies, especially Conversation AI, have made managing the entire sales flow cycle, including lead generation, a lot easier. VoiceBots have helped many marketers increase lead generation by making all aspects of the sales workflow more efficient. VoiceBots have also proven to be easy to integrate, easy to customize, and can be programmed to collect useful data for the future. 

The Marketing and Sales industries are quickly learning the benefits of implementing VoiceBots in their workflow. According to Ayaz Nanji a digital strategist and one of the top contributors at MarketinProfs businesses that adopt AI see 52 % higher conversion rates and 54% more traffic and engagement than those who don't, this proves that VoiceBots are capable of helping marketers through the entire lead generation funnel, from data collection to engagement. Marketers are learning to reach their lead generation goals faster and more efficiently through predictive analytics and personalization from VoiceBots.

Here are 8 concrete ways AI and VoiceBot technology have influenced lead generation:

Within the funnel: How VoiceBots uncover your best leads faster


By helping to create content and outreach, AI can make sure you have time to nurture your inbound leads. Bots can trigger follow-up calls and messages after a CTA or advertising touchpoint. Generating automated content will save time and lead to more efficient marketing.

Data collection + verification

AI can help marketers gather essential data to qualify leads. More specifically, VoiceBots can help marketers capture or enhance relevant customer data from the very first interaction. Inbound Marketing benefits the most from the lead verification process of VoiceBots; with the capabilities of asking specific questions after the point of interest, marketing teams can certify the level of interest and move the lead in a particular direction.


VoiceBots can help you set-up a series of questions to qualify leads from the get-go. Then, they guide you through the rest of the process, helping you set up appointments with interested leads or pass hot leads directly to your sales reps. VoiceBot assistance means you can move leads through their journey faster, often resulting in more lead generation.


All marketers know that engagement is essential to maintaining an interested and satisfied network. To ensure that no lead is left behind, VoiceBots can engage every lead through personalized outreach and help push them down the sales funnel nearly instantly. Marketers can leverage the power of AI to communicate with diverse audiences and personalize interactions to scale.

Beyond the funnel: How VoiceBots support increased lead generation

AI integration with your CRM

VoiceBots today are supported by highly-sophisticated automation capabilities that allow them to be used in more personalized and context-relevant ways. VoiceBots can integrate with data in your CRM while also collect essential customer data to supplement that contact's record and optimize your pipeline. 

Supports multiple languages

As useful as a multilingual sales team continues to be, there's nothing like having a fully fluent and accentless VoiceBot. Especially if your business is international, AI will go a long way to helping you best communicate with several leads. 

Time Zone sensitivity

Calls programmed with Lead-generation specific VoiceBots provide the opportunity to schedule calls within a particular timeframe that will adapt to your lead's time zone. That way AI calls are not getting released at odd hours and negatively impacting your process.

Provides insights by gathering data

As much as VoiceBots gather data on the frontend to help marketers communicate with prospects and leads, they also collect data on the backend to optimize future interactions and overall marketing strategies. By looking out for specific trigger words, VoiceBots can gather voice data that leads to better, more efficient follow-up conversations. 


Use Case: Using AI VoiceBots to increase lead generation 

Integrating an AI VoiceBot into your current marketing efforts sounds like a daunting feat, but it doesn't have to be. Let me show you how easy it is with a concrete example. Let's say you have a CTA form pop-up on your website's landing page. Rather than searching around your site or waiting for a sales representative to get in contact with, your leads can get an instant follow-up call carried out by a VoiceBot to further qualify them or learn more about their interests.

VoiceBot Use Case

Because VoiceBots are awesome, you can do more than just collect information with them; they can be used as part of your existing conversion paths. You can seamlessly connect your website CTA to a VoiceBot call, back to your CRM in order to pull personalization data and save all data points captured in the call. You can also trigger various follow-up touches using a combination of email, SMS, and voice to nurture them through the lifecycle stages. At this stage, VoiceBots like VOIQ can efficiently support your lead generation through data collection, engagement, and seamless integration.

Instead of channeling resources to BDR's and cold calling campaigns, marketers are starting to use AI to build a more efficient and effective lead generation strategy. From taking you through the entire sales flow funnel to CRM integration and continuous data collection, VoiceBots can increase lead generation and revolutionize the sales workflow. 

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