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What Salesforce is Missing in its Click-to-Call Solutions?

Hannah Lindstadt

Not all Call Automation Platforms are Created Equal: 10 Points You Should Consider Finding automation solutions that increase sales rep efficiency and reduce time wasted on repetitive tasks is a great feeling. If you’re someone that deals with a high volume of inbound or outbound leads, and you’re looking into increasing the efficiency of your prospecting, you’re already aware that there are many different platforms that offer a “Click-to-Call" button or a "Click-to-Dial" button. These call automation solutions usually perform one or a few of the following tasks:

  • Automate dialing
  • Queue call tasks
  • Schedule reminders, or send notifications to other sales reps to follow-up with leads
  • Record calls
  • Track basic call data (i.e. number of calls, calls per rep, call duration, etc.)
  • Make robo calls or leave pre-recorded messages and voicemails

Automated dialing systems and call queues definitely increase the comfort of your sales reps, but if your automation goals are to create a predictable way to scale your outreach efforts, make sure EVERY lead is called, and optimize your script, these solutions aren’t going to cut it. VOIQ call automation platform not only accomplishes all of the above tasks (excluding the final point, and I’ll explain why in a moment), but solves these challenges with a few critical differences and value adds listed below.

So, how is a Sales Call Platform different from Click-to-Call solutions?

1. We never leave pre-recorded messages or voicemails. Why? Because unlike other call automation software, all our calls are made by real, US based sales professionals. Each of our Sales Agentss passes through an extensive onboarding process for each brand and call campaign they represent. This means that when your sales reps delegate their call tasks to VOIQ’s sales professionals, they aren’t simply organizing their call schedule or automating dialing, they are delegating the entire task, without losing control or transparency. 

2. We eliminate the need for reps to squeeze in calls wherever they can find time in their already busy schedules. Sales calls are a science and should be treated as such. VOIQ’s machine learning and predictive analytics calculate the best time and frequency to reach out to your leads and only dispatch calls at the peak hours identified for your specific campaign to maximize connection opportunities. 

3. We allow you to escape from the inbox chaos, by eliminating the endless flow of  follow-up call reminder emails. You have enough important email to manage dealing with your customers and your team. You don’t need a disorganized inbox full of tasks that inevitably get pushed down your priority list and cause calls to slip through the cracks.

4. We boost your sales reps productivity by kicking damaging multitasking to the curb. Our automation goes far beyond simply collecting call frequency data. Our live sales professionals capture detailed notes of each call interaction and eliminate the struggle your reps face when trying to simultaneously launch call queues, listen and respond to your prospects, take notes, and manage their other tasks.

5. We make it possible to exponentially scale your personalized 1-to-1 connections with prospects without adding to your internal headcount.

6. Our platform compiles call-based feedback from each call and optimizes your messaging across all your channels (email, social media) to continuously improve the effectiveness of your messaging and the purchasing experience of your leads.

7. Our team of QA analysts are trained on your campaign objectives and listen to every call in order to send key performance updates to our sales agents, improving their performance in real-time, and more importantly, improving your buyer’s experience.

8. Trigger real-time follow-up calls to accompany your lead’s website interactions (if they request information, download an ebook or whitepaper, fill out a form, etc.). Research shows that you’re 9 times more likely to convert a lead into a customer if you follow-up within the first 5 minutes. VOIQ makes those follow-ups scalable without losing the personal touch. 

9. We thread calls into your existing email workflows and increase marketing and sales alignment.  By threading live calls into email workflows, your team gains valuable lead insight, and feedback on what content to send next, what is resonating, and how best to prime your leads for the sale.

10. Finally, with VOIQ you capture lead data directly into your CRM that gives full visibility of your lead’s activities. Not only do you receive call outcomes, appointments scheduled, and the answers or responses to your questions, but also receive insights from the Sales Agent notes pertaining to your buyer’s intent, engagement with content, decision making process, etc.

It’s important to keep your company's sales objectives and the above 10 points in mind when considering which call automation platform to implement. If your positioning your company for growth, a call button that automatically dials or a call queue that simply orders your leads is not going to be enough. You need to sell the way your leads buy.  You need to accompany them throughout the buyer journey, and across the various channels they use. You need to stand out, talk with your leads in real-time, and give your outreach a human voice.


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