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What Top Conversational Marketers are Saying About the Future of VoiceBots

Chris Miljanovski

VoiceBots have been evolving rapidly, and their integration into our daily lives is becoming more prevalent. Why is there such interest in Conversational AI? Expert share their thoughts.

When Bret Kinsella, Founder of, was interviewed on the Inside VOICE podcast, he says the answer is simple: increased consumer use and adoption. Typing out a question, for instance, can be complicated, but easy to say, so your answers become easier to find. He also says that VoiceBots are both a feature on platforms, but also a platform of its own. 

EVERFI, who was named top conversational marketer for 2019, says they have helped students in the education space start thousands of conversations via proactive conversational AI bots that engage people the moment they arrive on EVERFI’s site.

The tech world is at the dawn of a new age, and VoiceBot communication is becoming the preferred method of communication because it’s natural. Think of when you call a contact center for an inquiry. Touchtone phone methods of the past have become obsolete. Customers would much rather converse with a VoiceBot because it gets them to their answer faster. 

Below are some areas where VoiceBots are taking the lead.

Customer service and engagement 

VoiceBots are giving customer service of brands mass appeal. People who may be technologically inept can easily use VoiceBots to communicate. Elderly individuals, for example, often find it difficult to communicate via text, but of course, are well versed in talking. Stuart Crane of Voice Metrics was interviewed on Inside VOICE and said of text surveys and engagement, asking customers freeform questions often produce blank responses, but with a VoiceBot, that question can be answered by a customer with a spoken sentence, which will make them more inclined to participate. 

Lead generation

VoiceBots are improving lead generation as well. Stuart Crane says a lot of people ask what the ROI is on VoiceBots. He says we can create a tactic through VoiceBots, like, for example, by transitioning from traditional feedback or surveys and ask a question at the end of it like seeing if a customer wants 20% off their next purchase or ask if they want to sign up. If they respond with yes, a VoiceBot can ask for a phone number, then text business information and deals, or have a live agent call them back.

Our CEO and expert Ricardo Garcia-Amaya, of VOIQ, which utilizes VoiceBots for sales and marketing calls, says VoiceBots can help...

"mid-size businesses reach results in lead-generation that, up to now, only the most sophisticated billion-dollar technology companies, with thousands of sales call agents and millions of dollars in marketing intelligence, accomplish (a.k.a. Salesforce).

With AI VoiceBots Mid-size companies can now engage over the phone ALL of their prospects at the most relevant moment, automatically, with no need for humans.  A VoiceBot can call a prospect at the moment she is researching online for a solution to solve her problem, as she registered to attend an industry event, or as she starts but somehow fails to complete a call-to-action form on the company website. Now every lead generation call that should have been done, gets done!"

Better integration 

VoiceBots can be coordinated with a large variety of customer service tools like a CRM or a knowledge base. VoiceBots can also be integrated into e-commerce. You can start voice engagement in anyone’s home. Take the idea of direct mail and use it as an engagement tool by putting a voice CTA on it, so a customer uses that CTA and asks their voice assistant for further information. VoiceBots are being integrated into the whole system and adding a new piece to it to help kick off engagement. 

VoiceBots of the future

Expert Bret Kinsella says that we need to figure out better ways to have VoiceBot experiences, which will come with time. He says brands need to address what customers are looking for, like if someone is asking a voice assistant about Red Bull, Red Bull needs to shape the answer or category so Red Bull themselves are responding and not a Wikipedia page. 

As VoiceBots and conversational AI evolve, we can expect to see even more ways to utilize VoiceBots in the future, so making sure your business is incorporating VoiceBots now should be on your radar.

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