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What Your Political Call Campaign Is Missing

Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

Election season is fast approaching! That also means that the time for political call campaigns is just around the corner. We’ve all gotten phone calls during election season from a call service dedicated to a specific candidate’s campaign, urging us to vote or asking for help fundraising or volunteering.

While these outbound calling methods are great for gaining large traction and have proven effective results, the process is still largely inefficient. However, these can be remedied quickly and easily with the addition of an on-demand callforce to your call campaign.

VOIQ What Your Political Call Campaign Is Missing

Campaign Scaling

The Old Way: Traditional call campaigns are contract-based and therefore hard to scale up or down quickly when a different amount of effort is needed. Because of this, it’s harder to personalize your efforts based on the ebbs and flows of the political season.

The New Way: An on-demand callforce allows you to scale your efforts up when you need that extra push and scale it back when things are running smoothly. You’ll be sure to not oversaturate the market with calls if it’s a slower period. A callforce can even be a helpful addition to a call center-based call campaign during those times you need to scale up efforts quickly.

Contacting Participants

The Old Way: Due to the emergence of the Do Not Call list, call centers can now only call landline phones, not cell phones. This can be extremely limiting - most individuals today rely on their cellphone as their only phone line.  And having the ability to call cell phones is key: the ¨mobility¨ of a cell phone suggests that people always have it with them, thus more likely to receive your call.

The New Way: VOIQ's on-demand callforce can call cell phones because our app don’t use a predictive dialer (which is what the Do Not Call list blocks). Agents place calls from their own smartphones, which are not currently viewed as able of being manipulated to function as a predictive dialer. This is extremely important when you’re trying to get rid of the reputation of being spammy. While calling cell phones may seem invasive, it’s very useful when coupled with a personalized communication approach.

Communicating With Participants

The Old Way: Traditional call centers are very “one size fits all” in the way that they call participants. When given the objective for the calls (in this case for political call campaigns, encouraging participants to vote or contribute to fundraising), they often rely on an extremely scripted approach or in best case scenarios, personalize the call only slightly.

The New Way: VOIQ's unique intelligent matching algorithm offers the ability to match agents with contacts by interest or demographics. For example, a Latino call agent who has worked with political campaigns in the past will be assigned to call Latino participants for this campaign. By doing so, the call agent is able to connect on a personal level with the person they’re speaking to, which in turn increases the likelihood the person will stay on the phone.

In the modern era of political campaigns, a lot is changing - and so too should the call campaigns that go with them. By personalizing the approach across the three key touchpoints listed above, a callforce can help take your political call campaign from good to great.

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