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Why the Traditional Call Center is Past its Prime

Holly Berrigan

With 99% of companies in the US employing less than 500 people, traditional company-sponsored call center environments are only achievable by a very small segment of the market. Additionally, with an increasing emphasis on entrepreneurship and the shared economy, both internal and outsourced call centers no longer hold the value they once did.

VOIQ Traditional Call Center Is Past Its Prime

Here are five reasons why you should seek alternatives to the traditional call center:

1. Cost Prohibitive

The most obvious reason companies do not/cannot use call centers is the cost structure. Not only do you need to come to them with tens of thousands of contacts in-hand, but the set-up and add-on fees alone can be more than many companies' quarterly sales and marketing budget.

2. Huge Commitment

Even if you have the budget for the campaign, it is likely that you'll need to commit to a long-term engagement (anywhere from several months to over a year) before they get started.

3. Bad Reputation

Like the saying goes, "one person can ruin it for everyone." In this case, thousands of pushy call agents from all over the world have pushed too many buttons and given call centers a bad name. Additionally, the hundreds of websites dedicated to call center employees discussing the woes of their job and its restrictions do the industry no favors.

4. Completely Impersonal

Finally, current sales and marketing best practices recommend building personalized experiences and creating personal bonds. With call agents all in one large room in the US or abroad, it's very difficult for the caller to relate to them or connect to the point where they want to listen to what they have to say.

With these points in mind, it is no wonder traditional call centers no longer make sense in a contemporary marketplace.

We now look for personal connections in an increasingly digital world. Call campaigns can still achieve this, but only with an evolved structure and function. By using a localized callforce through an on demand call service (like VOIQ), companies of all sizes can now utilize the best aspects of call campaigns without the prohibitive issues mentioned above.

To find out how this works, request a demo below:

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